Customer Assistance Request

Thank you for taking the time to contact First National Real Estate’s national administration regarding your request for assistance.

We’re committed to good customer service and invite feedback that helps us to assure our member offices are delivering to expectation.

This page explains who First National Real Estate is, how our complaints process works, and what happens when you submit a complaint.

Who we are

First National Real Estate is a not-for-profit marketing cooperative.

Our corporate administration provides marketing, training, technology and resources to member estate agents with the intention of equipping them to deliver quality real estate services. Members of the network operate wholly independent businesses and are licensed to use the First National Real Estate brand in conjunction with their local trading name.

Members are obliged to comply with relevant state legislation, the network’s policies and Articles of Association, uphold a duty of care, and deliver upon reasonable customer expectations in the provision of their real estate services.

Complaints process

Australian real estate practice is governed by state/territory legislation and Licensees of real estate businesses must comply with local legislation. Notwithstanding this obligation, First National Real Estate appreciates that customer service issues sometimes fall outside legislation and are more nuanced in nature.

Our goal is to mediate a satisfactory resolution in all complaint matters, however, our authority is ultimately limited to consideration of a member’s fitness for continued membership of the First National Real Estate Group of Independent Agents.

What we require of you

The network will willingly assess your matter and offer guidance and/or a proposed resolution, where reasonable and within the network’s capacity to do so. To commence this process, complaints must be submitted in writing.

The network will treat your information in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles. A copy of our policy can be accessed here:

Complaints not submitted in writing cannot be addressed.

Complainants are asked to conduct themselves with civility when liaising with employees of our administration during the complaint resolution process. Personal threats, disparaging social media posts, bad language or intimidating conduct during this process is unacceptable and may result in the termination of your matter.

How we will respond

First National Real Estate will acknowledge receipt of your matter within 24 hours.

We will consider the details and may refer your matter to the Licensee of the office concerned for comment and further investigation. The network’s administration will make every effort to mediate a satisfactory outcome, however, in the event that either party disputes facts and the network is unable to establish the veracity of either party’s assertions, the network may recommend the matter be referred to an appropriate Government authority.

We will provide you with the outcome to your complaint within 30 days.




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